Dedicated Server in Egypt

In today's era, things are being complex and need massive resources to have best grip on them as well as on the associated market. In the same way when you have decided to market your products, services or you are looking for a specific sort of deployment in northeast Africa or middle eastern region through most advanced and mostly used means of internet then getting a Egypt based dedicated server into your cart is the great practice towards promoting your business and earning a lot of respect and money. Till recent past, unlike most advanced countries of the world, it was quite a strenuous job to find a utility like Egyptian hosting and it is still less common but being one of old devoted hosted services provider, we made this in your access. We have large number of specifications with numerous Intel processors, thread and cores as well as associated elements like RAM, Storage and connected internet port to minimize your headache and to present optimized dedicated solution. Not only this but like every top rated datacenter, we have various other distinction, you can experience best in house data security, intrusion control, power backups, Colling system, IP ranges and number of internet providers. Though we built datacenter facilities, utilizing branded new hardware yet in case of any kind of failure, hardware replacement is quite instant and free. In other word, you can procced to test and win a gateway where large number of clients can be in your pocket with all trust and convenience.

Dedicated Server Egypt

Available Online Egyptian Dedicated Machines

Analyze numerous available specification for dedicated machines or discuss with our support team to get to the point most in budget customized solution. Though there is already listed most common inventory yet you can ask if you need something different or complex in nature, no worries if you have some special networking requirements, feel free to ask any pre-sales questions.

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  • Branded Hardware

    Including Intel Processor other machine components, routers and switches we have get installed all the guaranteed equipment to minimize hardware disaster.

  • Low Latency and Security

    As location for this place is extra ordinary so keeping in mind its accessibility we have implemented intense security but with least latency assurance.

  • Usage Liberty

    To make a best and demanded use of allotted resources and machine itself, we put lesser internal networking restriction so use it as it suits you but in legit ways.

windows OS
cpanel and plesk

Cheap Egypt Dedicated Hosting Provider

Currently, there might be one or two hosting companies are possibly offering any kind of dedicated Server Hosting Egypt but we are prominent out of all because of our cheapest prices, low latency, extra features, add-on utility, in access support and offered international payment methods. For delivering virtualization or full machine resources, we have selected a Cairo based tier II+ datacenter which has capability to ensure maximum SLA along with un-interrupted communication and transformation of data. Also, at time of upgradation, re-installations and forceful reboot requirements, you will find our quickest response and dealing with queries so if you dreamed to avail a Cairo based online machine with Linux or Windows OS, feel free and rely on our capabilities because you will gain best from the market in respect of costs, technical support and technological improved infrastructure. On the other hand, you will receive login credentials from 3-6 days or before once we will receive your order and verify the payment. About extra and additional elements like Memory Chips, Space, Bandwidth and internet port, you can place order at any time of subscription, we have elaborated them on configuration page. Anything still confusing or you need a physical person to response your particular equation, send us an email or submit a ticket.